Why we care.

Rare disease information is fragmented.

Patients and caregivers experience difficult journeys.


83% of patients worry based on lack of information 

75% experience depression and anxiety.


Our tools and services give providers and patients the right information at the right time for the best care possible.

Female patient filling insurance legal document at appointment with doctor in clinic

Our Story.

Founder & CEO Eesha Sharma

Eesha grew up alongside an older sibling with an undiagnosed genetic disease.


At the age of 15 her sister was on several unnecessary medications, with severe side effects of obesity and depression. Through slow trial and error over several years her mother determined 5 medications were unnecessary.


“I remember being shocked the first time I heard a care provider tell my mom: ‘You are her most capable nurse because we only know so much.’”


The name Lamar is inspired by the science-fiction movie Gattaca where Dr. Lamar helps the main character become an astronaut despite his genetics. 


Lamar Health’s mission is to support genetic providers in helping their patient’s live their fullest lives. 

Our Service

Our Team.

David Stevenson, MD
Stanford University

Professor of Pediatrics (Genetics); Program Director, Combined Pediatric-Medical Genetics Residency; Program Director, Medical Genetics Residency; Co-Director, Genetic Testing Optimization Service; Service Chief, Medical Genetics

Erin Conboy, MD, FACMG
Indiana University

Director of the Undiagnosed Rare Disease Clinic & Head of UDN Genetic Immunodeficiency Clinic

Xiao Peng, MD, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins


Director, Inborn Errors of Immunity Clinic Assistant Professor of Genetic Medicine

Will Greenleaf Ph.D.
Stanford University

Professor in the Department of Genetics at Stanford University

Serhiy Shekhovstov
Serial Founder

Co-founder, Senior Software/ML Engineer

Stephanie Gandomi MBA, MS, CGC, CPC, CPCO


AAPC Certified Professional Coder, AAPC Certified Compliance Officer, Director, Health Plans (Market Access)—Policy Specialist at Ambry Genetics

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