Genetics research is changing fast.

We want to help providers and patients stay at the leading edge.

Lamar Health founder and CEO Dr. Eesha Sharma grew up with an older sibling with an undiagnosed genetic disease.

At the age of 15 her sister was on several unnecessary medications, with severe side effects of obesity and depression. Through slow trial and error over several years her mother determined 5 medications were unnecessary.

“I remember being shocked the first time I heard a care provider tell my mom: ‘You are her most capable nurse because we only know so much.’”

Diagnostics can be better. Treatments can be better. What it takes is coming together to centralize and efficiently share our learnings.

Our Team

Eesha Sharma

Eesha Sharma, Ph.D.


Serhiy Shekhovtsov,
Serial Founder


Will Greenleaf, Ph.D.


David Stevenson, MD


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