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Hospital software is set up so that it is really hard to search by diagnosis

If clinical trials for a new treatment or research come up, your doctor doesn’t have a great way to find you

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Built by Patient families, Geneticists, Genetic Counselors and Scientists at these leading institutes of excellence.

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"The report they gave was written for a mom like me without all the science and medical terms. It gives me piece of mind to know someone is checking so that we can get to a diagnosis. The not knowing makes it much harder for us to get answers and the right care.”
Abbie McVille, Mom of child with suspicion of MELAS
“We were worried about how much worse our baby would get as she got older. From the explainer we learned that we didn't have more symptoms to expect. We got connected to other families and have been learning how to care for her best.”
John Gibbons, Dad of VLCADD Baby
“We were always looking for new treatments or research that could help. We tried all kinds of doctors and specialists. Finally, we got connected to a clinical trial for a new Epilepsy drug and that really helped. ”
Anuradha Sharma, Mom of Child with epilepsy
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We DO NOT do not want to be financially dependent on pharma companies, health systems or insurance providers. 
This is so we can give the same high-quality experience to you regardless of your condition rather than what condition large companies care about at the moment. 
We want our interests to be 100% aligned with you, because we’ve been there. 

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