Genetic Testing for
Preventative Care.

Lamar Health makes it easy for health systems to detect disease early and personalize prevention for populations. Our comprehensive solution standardizes risk assessment, tracks medical guideline changes and more so that staff can focus on what matters most.

Our Service.

Available Across Multiple Specialties.

Primary Care Physicians

Covered by major insurance providers.

Managed Services.

Up to date Clinical Decision Support.

Lamar Health offers a robust library of evidence-based guidelines to help providers use real-time data and navigate patients to the appropriate genetics testing, screening and/or treatment interventions.

Customized to existing workflows.

To ensure Lamar Health fits within your existing workflow, our team will conduct an initial observation and collaborate with your team to develop the best solution for you.

Industry-leading patient engagement.

Lamar Health’s simple survey tools allow providers to engage with patients to follow the patient journey through screening and care plan adherence.

Benefits Patients and Health Care Systems

Lamar Health monitors the overall clinical and financial performance of the program, identifying opportunities to grow patient outcomes and financial impact. 

With or without EHR integration.

Use Lamar Health on its own or integrate it directly with your EHR. Whichever you choose, you’ll still have access to the library of information to make informed decisions for your patients. 

On Call Genetic Counsellor

Questions or concerns handled by genetic counsellors.

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