Create & share clinical notes for Genetic Disease

Peer-to-peer sharing

Easily search and share disease-specific templates with your colleagues

All databases in one spot

One-click copy/paste/cite from OMIM, GeneReviews and Pubmed. Natural language processing improves your searches the more you use it.

Support for your patients & research

Verified clinical trial alerts personalized for your patients

Built by Patient families, Geneticists, Genetic Counselors and Scientists at these leading institutes of excellence.

Quick and easy to try out


No liability, no multiple-step sign in, no EHR integration required.

Account set up <1min

Free to use. Requires an institutional email to sign up and start. That's it!

Keep your existing workflow

Everything you do in a browser today, just easy.
So simple it works for all workflows. No EHR integration.

Stop searching through annoying EHRs

You can choose to share & access disease-specific templates on genetic disease at two levels with Lamar Health

  • Within your department

  • World-wide 

No more: 

  • Slow painful person by person searches in EHRs

  • Having to share your expertise by email to each individual requester

  • Wondering if you’ve missed information a sub-speciality would add

Why is this painful siloed search through EPIC the state of the art?

Support your patients & research while saving time.

We help you provide:  

  • High-quality patient-friendly text

  • Clinical trial alerts, pre-verified for eligibility

  • Patient app for tracking symptoms & treatments for phenotyping

Help your patient digest difficult news with ongoing resources. 

HIPAA-compliant with no EHR integration necessary. 

Join hundreds of geneticists augmenting their workflows.

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